Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP) Exam Program

Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP) Exam Program


The PQP Exam provides the mechanism for a candidate to receive the PQP credential as required within the Pearl Rating System process for all buildings and communities. The PQP will be responsible for:

  • Understanding the credits of the Pearl Community and Building Rating Systems and their application to projects;

  • Facilitating the certification process and

  • Providing quality assurance to documents prior to submission to Estidama.

To register for the Exam, please choose "Estidama Pearl Rating System" in the Test Takers section of or log on directly to

The PQP Exam is a computerized multiple-choice exam provided through a Prometric testing center. The exam is available at two testing sites in the UAE, one in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai, as well as internationally. You can take either the Pearl Community Rating System (PCRS) Exam or the Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS) Exam. The cost for each exam is $200 (around AED740) and is made up of 40 multiple choice questions. You can choose to become qualified for either Rating Systems or only one; however the Appointed PQP for the project must hold the relevant Rating System certificate.

The pass rate for each exam is 70% or 28 questions correct out of 40. The pass rate was determined after an extensive data collection and analysis of approximately the first 200 completed exams. The first group of approximately 200 PQPs was notified by email in early February 2011. The UPC will issue certificates to the qualified PQPs. The certifications will include a unique PQP identifier number and identify whether it is for PBRS or PCRS (see PQP Certificate Requests below).

PQP Certificate Requests

Upon successfully passing the PQP Exam, all candidates that wish to request a PQP certificate must send an email to containing the following attachments as per Information Bulletin #14:

1. Academic Qualification(s): provide scanned copies of all UAE attested undergraduate educational certificate(s)

2. Professional Experience:

Provide the following documents:

2.1 Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) and

2.2 Supporting experience certificate(s)/reference letter(s) on the related company's letterhead clearly stating position(s) held and experience in year(s)/month(s) for each position held. Please note, the candidate must demonstrate the required minimum total number of years of professional experience as per Information Bulletin #14:

3. PQP Exam Score Report: provide a scanned copy of the PQP Exam Report. Please note, the original stamped PQP exam score report must be presented upon collection of the PQP certificate)

4. Estidama Training: attach the enrollment confirmation email for the 'Applying the Pearl Rating System (PRS)' Estidama Training course.

Please note upon collection of the PQP certificate, original hardcopies for items 2.2 and 3 must be presented for UPC verification.



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