Estidama Villa Products Database

The Estidama Villa Products Database (EVPD) is a database of products that have been determined to be compliant with the Pearl Villa Rating System (PVRS) requirements. It has been created to help villa owners, consultants, contractors, assessors and other relevant stakeholders to successfully implement the PVRS.

Listing products in the EVPD is voluntary, and is open to manufacturers and distributors. Each product undergoes a thorough review from the UPC's Estidama team, prior to posting on the website. This list is likely to be updated on a monthly basis for the first three months, then every quarter, at the discretion of the UPC. The database is constructed as a category based list of products which meet the standards identified in the PVRS but also contains other valuable information such as marketing overview and sales contacts.

The EVPD covers the following product categories all of which are applicable to the PVRS:

It is important to note that the database is currently only applicable to villa projects.

UPC shall not be directly or indirectly liable towards any party who may use any of the information or data herein.

What is the Approach to Product Selection for Villas?

There are two approaches to product selection for villas:

  • Simplified Villa Product Selection Pathway - simply specify (during design) and purchase (during construction) products from the EVPD. Purchase confirmation and proof of installation will be required. This saves valuable time when it comes to Pearl rating submissions since you will not be asked for any additional supporting manufacturer documentation to prove compliance, thereby also accelerating the Pearl rating review process.

  • Conventional Villa Product Selection Pathway Consultants and contractors that do not wish to select products from the EVPD can adopt the "conventional" villa product selection pathway that has been implemented since the launch of the PVRS. This offers consultants and contractors the opportunity to use other products that are not currently listed in the EVPD. However, this option will require product data collection and submission of manufacturer's documentation to prove compliance. The design and construction stage submission requirements are listed in the PVRS (requirements include the submission of Villa Calculators and manufacturer data product sheets). Estidama may seek confirmation via communication directly with the local manufacturer or distributor so you will need to also provide relevant contact details for them.

Who is the EVPD for?

The EVPD will be accessible by all who are involved in villa projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including but not limited to villa owners, consultants, contractors, assessors, municipality inspectors, etc.

How has the EVPD been developed?

The UPC has hosted workshops for local manufacturers and distributors to outline the technical requirements and documentation that must be supplied to have their products included in the database. The UPC reviews the documentation and holds additional face to face clarification meetings to ensure that the products submitted are compliant with PVRS requirements.

Workshops will also be scheduled for assessors, building owners and consultants to explain how the database is to be used.

If a product is on the EVPD, does this mean it is "certified" by Estidama?

No, a product included in this database does not mean it is "certified", "approved" or "endorsed" by Estidama or the UPC. It only means that aspects of their technical performance have been deemed to be technically compliant with the particular requirements outlined in the PVRS. No other performance criteria have been assessed in relation to the products.

What if I want to apply to have a product listed on the EVPD

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) has transferred ownership of Estidama Villa Products Database (EVPD) to Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council. This transition has been decided by Abu Dhabi Government in order to utilize QCC capabilities to enhance product quality and to build upon the successful implementation of the Estidama Pearl Rating System.

Accordingly, for all further questions or queries on product certification, please email

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