Pearl Rating System

The Pearl Rating System for Estidama

An essential tool to advance Estidama is the Pearl Rating System (PRS). The PRS is a framework for sustainable design, construction and operation of communities, buildings and villas. The PRS is unique in the world and is specifically tailored to the hot climate and arid environment of Abu Dhabi.

The PRS has been designed to support sustainable development from design to construction to operational accountability and provides guidance and requirements to rate a project's potential performance in relation to the four pillars of Estidama.

The Pearl Rating System is organized into seven categories where there are both mandatory and optional credits. To achieve a 1 Pearl rating, all the mandatory credit requirements must be met. To achieve a higher Pearl rating (2-5 Pearls), all the mandatory credit requirements must be met along with a minimum number of credit points.pearl-rating-system

All new projects must achieve a minimum 1 Pearl rating to receive approval from the planning and permitting authorities. Government funded buildings (as defined in Information Bulletin #1) must achieve a minimum 2 Pearl rating.

Pearl Rating Optional credit points required
Pearl Community Rating System Pearl Building Rating System Pearl Villa Rating System
1 All mandatory credits All mandatory credits All mandatory credits
2 55+ 60+ 30+
3 75+ 85+ 44+
4 100+ 115+ 57+
5 125+ 140+ 70+

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