Abu Dhabi's Plan 2030 establishes a clear vision for sustainability as the foundation of any new development occurring in the Emirate and capital city of Abu Dhabi. This commitment is a reflection of the values and ideals of our nation. The tenets of sustainable living in the Middle East is the guiding force behind Estidama. More than just a sustainability program, Estidama is the symbol of an inspired vision for governance and community development.

It promotes a new mindset for building a forward thinking global capital. To establish a distinctive overarching framework for measuring sustainability performance beyond the usual planning and construction phases, UPC has worked with the team guiding Estidama to assure that sustainability is continually addressed through four pre-defined angles: environmental, economic, social and cultural.

The purpose of Estidama is to create a new sustainability framework that will direct our current course while allowing adaptation as new understanding evolves.

By promoting a new sense of responsibility with Estidama, UPC is going beyond other sustainable development initiatives around the world, by creating new tools, resources and procedures crucial to the 2030 vision.